Job Description

Job Description


1. Appointing New Franchise on PAN India


2. Generating leads through various marketing activities as cold calling and campaigning.


3. Developing new franchise by planning and organizing, Meeting with exclusive investors / seminars and bringing strong insight to the task of creating new franchise .


4. Consulting the prospective investors to take the franchise.


5. Lead generation through data scrubbing on Social Networking

sites and following up to source the business in the best way


6. Work on generating inquiries, coordinate and follow up with leads till final closure.


7. Designing and Presenting different proposals, aligning meetings with prospective lead and providing them full support till sign the agreement.


8. To participate event and exhibition to generate leads and creating a platform to meet with prospect franchisee.

9. Scheduling and meeting the investor from PAN India to explain the company's franchisee model and to get them register.

10. Explaining business model to every potential investor, giving them franchise related information, sending them the proposals, taking follow-ups and referrals for further leads.


Candidate Skills required: Possess good interpersonal skills that are used while interacting with prospective franchise towards ascertaining requirements and delivering solutions. Strong negotiating and networking skills.

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