Jet Blue understands & respects your business deadlines. We are in complete sync with your timelines & help you conquer maximum advantages within our ambit to help your business grow. In business there are occasions when there arises a make or break situation that needs special attention. Timelines are as good as non-existent. Even a slight delay in reaching a consignment could be critical for the concerned parties resulting in heavy losses. Every hour, every minute means much. It is keeping in mind these critical situations that Jet Blue offers priority Services called Jet Blue . The service provides time-bound consignment delivery in 3 categories which are,

  • P1-Door-to-door time definite delivery, by air, the next possible business day by 1400 hours.
  • P2-The delivery is done by end of the day on the next possible business day.
  • P3- The delivery is done within 48 hrs for out of city limits.

In the cases of selected pin codes, from selected origin to selected destinations facilities like Money-Back-Guarantee & Real-time-tracking are offered. The service relies on availability of local cut-off and vehicle arrival times or flight arrival times.

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