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JetBlue CEO Speech

JetBlue CEO


"JetBlue Asia Cargo" our name, means the world to us. It is a moniker we are proud of & go all out to deserve.


We are aware that time flies, but also take pride in wielding the controls. In fact, our proven track record mirrors the fact that one of our biggest assets is time management


Needless to say JetBlue Asia Cargo has heartily absorbed the advent of E- commerce majors in the market. We are in complete sync with the quick-turn-around time in the trade & are among the market leaders in the private sector express network.


For us the promise of a delivery means making the future predictable from the time we pick up your shipment & deliver it to the other end

With surging market trends in the offing we at JetBlue offer end-to-end solutions in the Cargo logistic space & are the preferred choice of a plethora of business houses.


Tom Watson


JetBlue Air Asia Cargo

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