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JetBlue Alliance

JetBlue Alliance

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JetBlue Air Cargo that took office in November 1990, with 3 offices we have come a long way. California , San Francisco & Los Angeles, our early nests have metamorphosed into 1200 JetBlue offices across the length & breath of the country and with 9 international offices in prime locations make us a prominent global player. to rise to the rank of world's premier international cargo company has been a long-drawn-out journey for us. In this passage of time, vigorous as we dream, we have reached your shipments to all corners of the world & across the globe- safely, speedily & importantly to the right people. Our “customer-first” policy has gifted us a slew of mutually beneficial long term associations with an array of corporate & retail customers.

Jetblue Air Cargo is now Spreading its wing in Asia through Jetblue Asia Cargo , Services of JetBlue Airways Cargo will be provided by Jetblue Asia Cargo in China , Japan , India , Singapore , Bangkok Venture to China, Japan, and other Indian destinations with seamless connections available from JetBlue to JetBlue Asia Cargo via New York (JFK), Chicago (ORD), or San Francisco (SFO).

Joint Ventures Alliance

JetBlue Air Cargo ENTERS INTO STRATEGIC ALLIANCE WITH Jetblue Air Asia Cargo TO EXPAND ITS PRESENCE ACROSS ASIA New service agreement will allow customers to book international shipments through Jetblue Air Asia Cargo centres across the Asia NewYork, – December 15, 2015: JetBlue Air Cargo announced that Jetblue Air Asia Cargo. a leading Asian International Cargo company, will become a JetBlue Air Cargo Authorised Shipping Outlet in Asia. This agreement will expand the reach of JetBlue Air Cargo’s international express delivery service through Jetblue Air Asia Cargo’s network in metropolitan and urban centres across Asia.

Rapid urbanisation will present a fair share of challenges and opportunities for businesses to explore new business models and supply chains. Today, half of the world’s population is concentrated in urban areas and, by the United Nations’ estimates, two-thirds of all people will live in cities by 2050. JetBlue Air Cargo expects that this growth will usher in an influx of middle-class consumers, especially in emerging markets. 

The accompanying surge in demand for goods and services will create logistics-related and environmental challenges that will necessitate economically feasible and sustainable solutions.To support this growth in a more sustainable way, JetBlue Air Cargo regularly evaluates new routes and service offerings, based on customer demand and market opportunities. With Jetblue Air Asia Cargo becoming a JetBlue Air Cargo Authorised Shipping Outlet, Indian customers will be able to book international shipments with Jetblue Air Asia Cargo, who will in turn make use of JetBlue Air Cargo’s global shipping network. This service expansion will support market growth by helping clients connect more quickly to global markets.

JetBlue Air Cargo is the largest package delivery company in the world, in terms of both revenue and volume. Through an integrated supply chain and worldwide network serving over 220 countries and territories, JetBlue Air Cargo oversees the successful daily delivery of about 18 million packages and documents.

The region comprising over 70 countries that covers the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and Africa is JetBlue Air Cargo’s largest region in terms of geographic area and forms a key part of the JetBlue Air Cargo global network. JetBlue Air Cargo began its services in Asia in 2008 and has since grown to become a convenient resource to Asia’s businesses for their express delivery services.

With about 435,000 employees worldwide, JetBlue Air Cargo delivers to over 8 million customers each day and handles about 2% of global GDP in its network.

About JetBlue Air Cargo : JetBlue Air Cargo is a global leader in logistics, offering a broad range of solutions, including the transportation of packages and freight, the facilitation of international trade and the deployment of advanced technology to more efficiently manage the world of business. Headquartered in America (USA), JetBlue Air Cargo serves more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. The company can be found on the web at and its corporate blog can be found at To get JetBlue Air Cargo news directly, visit

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