JetBlue Air Cargo Esolution

JetBlue Air Cargo E-solution

Jet Blue Air Cargo has deployed a state-of-the-art technology backed by efficient operations infrastructure to provide enhanced services to all its customers.

The high-end IT capabilities ensure end-to-end tracking of each consignment at all stages right from booking to delivery. The data is readily available on the web for customer reference. Corporate customers are provided customized solutions to meet their service requirements and an efficient Management Information System MIS support by way of timely automated reports to keep track of their large number of shipments effortlessly.

Corporate Tracker

JetBlue Air Cargo Corporate Tracker is a web-based tracking solution which is available only for corporate customers who provide bulk load in regular basis. Secure Login and password are provided to customers to access the JetBlue Asia Cargo Customer portal for tracking their load status either for an individual consignment or for a specific period. Other than internet connectivity no other software installation is required to access the website.


JetBlue Air Cargo E-Tracker is a unique Tracking solution mainly for the customer who does not want to open the browser and track the consignment explicitly from the Portal. It is a desktop-based application that the customers need to install on his local system. (Not required)To get the latest consignment status, all the customers have to do is to go online and point their computer mouse just on top of the application icon on their desktops. A tiny online window will display the shipment status for all their deliveries.


JetBlue Air Cargo E-Courier is a mail solution for customers. Customers need to send the mail to with recipient’s address. JetBlue Asia Cargo will print the email and mail to the receiver’s address.


This is JetBlue Air Cargo’s Green-Initiative. Corporate customers and Channel partners need to login to the customer’s portal and view their current and old invoices at any point of time. Authorized customers can also download their invoices and print if required. as per their requirement.

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