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JetBlue Air Asia Cargo

JetBlue Air Asia Cargo is the Asian subsidiary of JetBlue Air Cargo (JBAC), which is part of the TrueBlue Group, a global conglomerate consisting of 130 affiliated companies with interests in a diverse range of industry verticals. JetBlue Air Asia Cargo was setup in the year 2015, with Branch office at China and regional offices in Japan, Singapore, and India.

JetBlue Air Asia Cargo is one of Asia’s leading, end-to-end, comprehensive and outsourced Logistics Solutions Provider. As a one-stop, international logistics services provider, JetBlue Air Asia Cargo offers international air freight forwarding, international sea freight forwarding, customs handling, import& export of goods, warehousing, and last-mile delivery to both B2B and B2C businesses across Asia. JetBlue Air Asia Cargo is regarded as one of the leaders in total Supply Chain Management with its high quality and advanced logistics services and is the most preferred ‘Logistics Partner’ to both domestic and multinational companies in Asia.

JetBlue Air Asia Cargo Asia’s strength lies in its ability to offer a full-range of reliable, value-added and optimal supply chain solutions that are significantly more comprehensive than mere "door to door" services offered by typical logistics companies. Towards this end, JetBlue Air Asia Cargo has even established a joint venture with JetBlue Air Cargo, America’s leading distribution company. 

The JetBlue Air Cargo and JetBlue Air Asia joint venture is aimed at combining JetBlue’s expertise in express distribution in the country with Jetblue Asia’s freight forwarding expertise and global customer base



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